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Psychologists Soccer
Psychologists Soccer

The defeat of the pride soccer club left deep cuts for loyal supporters. Who is not sad to see his favourite team lose.

Over and over, the coach revealed that the main problem was mental. This also makes the concentration of players in the second half to be unable to catch up with the opponent. The concentration of the club team players is drastic.

More specifically, we will discuss the mentality of competition. Mental is not only about concentration but also about emotions. How do players panic in dealing with repeated attacks from opponents, concentration decreases with the minutes of the game that continues to run, worried when the team is in a position to lag, or tension between players due to the game that is fast and tends to hard.

Richard Butler in his research entitled Sports Psychology in Action, argues that Psychologists Soccer on emotions are one of the factors that can have an effect on the outcome of the competition by influencing the appearance of athletes, both when training and competing. Increased stress during the match will cause the player to react negatively, starting in physical and psychological terms, so that his sports ability decreases. They can become tense, which is marked by increased pulse, cold sweats, anxious about the results of the match until then it is difficult to concentrate.

Apparently, so far, the clubs have not paid special attention to the emotional regulation of their players. Coaches usually only provide training patterns that are considered capable of at the same time relaxing players so as not to get bored with technical training programs only, for example, by playing handball or listening to music to relax the player shortly before competing.

Ways like this are easy to do, but is it already on target? Is it true that in Psychologists Soccer the mental problems of players come from the competition factor?

Psychology has a role in helping athletes through the application of sports psychology. According to the American Psychological Association, sports psychologists not only play a role in improving athlete’s performance, but also to overcome the pressure of competition between athletes in teams, help the recovery of post-injury athletes, help athletes follow training in accordance with the program, and so that athletes can enjoy sports.

The various roles of sports psychologists also include helping athletes improve their emotions, which will not only benefit the athlete himself, but also his team. Sports psychologists can also provide mental training so that he can improve his performance.

Sports psychologists will not only help the coach in dealing with the mental problems of his players but also provide an accurate analysis and diagnosis of what actually happens to players. Why does A have a drop in performance or why should the team lose amid a tight competition schedule?

Sports psychologists even have the right to give recommendations to coaches if there are players who are still recovering from post-injury, but insist they want to play, just like a doctor who recommends which players are 100% fit and ready to play.

Maybe soccer clubs have to learn a lot from famous clubs who have complemented their coaching staff with sports psychologists. Psychologists not only help coaches in dealing with mental problems on the field but also about problems that can arise outside the field. For example, disputes between players due to different playing hours, disagreements with the decisions of coaches and team officials, forcing the will to appear to play in cheerful conditions, or attitudes that might be detrimental to the club.

So, if you are usually more focused on how to improve what has happened, the presence of a sports psychologist on the team can help anticipate the emergence of mental problems that are far worse for the player. Since the team was formed for the first time, psychologists and trainers can develop team building programs that are tailored to the technical training program.

Until the competition goes on, Psychologists Soccer will still provide assistance to players, so that mental problems such as those experienced can be immediately resolved.

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