Soccer Training – Is For You?

Well, that’s why I finally wrote this article. That is to share with you about any form of physical soccer training that you must do to become a professional player.

The soccer game that is now the number one sport in the world is one of the sports that I am most proud of as a sports lover.

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of energy, and strong physical endurance.

soccer trainingTherefore, it is necessary to do physical soccer training if we want to become long-lasting professional soccer players on a large field.

And so that the physical condition becomes fitter and can play to the maximum in a soccer match.

Here are some physical training programs for professional soccer players that can be a reference in your physical training.

5 Professional Soccer Physical Exercise Programs

1. Exercise Endurance

Heart and blood endurance (cardiovascular) can be trained by jogging and other movements that are predominantly aerobic.

Familiarize yourself to be able to jog around 40 to 60 minutes with a wide variety of speeds that can be combined.

This exercise is of course aimed to be able to increase your body’s muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

That is, you are required to move and run for a long duration of time without experiencing excessive fatigue.

The follow up of this exercise is to increase the speed, intensity and quality of motion, so that it can affect the strength of your stamina in the field. Until finally you are able to do fast movements in a long time, stable, and consistent.

2. Strength Training

Weight training has proven to be very effective in increasing the strength of soccer players.

This exercise is done by first doing push ups, pull ups, back ups, squatrush and squat jumps. Then proceed with the exercise process using the actual weights.

I need to remind you that you don’t jump around where the surface is hard because it can cause injury to the shins and legs.

3. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtraining

In the world of sports, especially in soccer, speed is one of the most important things that a player must have. Because players are required to be able to move quickly without losing balance.

The form of exercise that you can do is one of them suttle run or run back and forth with a distance of 6 kilometers.

The quality of your training is increased by adding weights and obstacles.

In addition, doing short-range sprints with high intensity is also very effective to apply in your physical training program.

4. Flexibility Exercises

As a professional soccer player, of course it is required to be more flexible in order to be able to move swiftly to change direction and turn around when playing soccer.
In addition, flexibility affects the prevention of injury to the joints and muscles.
A flexibility training program that you can implement is by stretching correctly. Among these are by kissing the knees, wax attitude, and others.

5. Maintain Nutrition

After you have done various forms of physical exercise, the most important of all is to always maintain nutritional intake.

Because by maintaining intake that enters the body, it can optimize your energy in playing soccer or in a real match.

In addition to intake, patterns and portions you must also adjust to the body’s needs.

Generally, soccer players should consume more carbohydrates. It is recommended for you to drink water that contains rehydrates to make it easier for you to digest carbohydrates so that it is faster.

Now, those are some training programs that you can do to become a professional soccer player like these great Real Madrid players. If you have anything to ask or add, please write in the comments below.

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Soccer Training

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